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Light rail, again


With public submissions on the controversial Public Transport Spine proposal closing tomorrow, Generation Zero has created this graphic to summarise the arguments for light rail and against buses.

As we’ve reported in numerous articles on Wellington.Scoop, including this one by Kerry Wood, light rail wins out every time, in spite of the Spine Study’s findings.

And today the arguments in favour of light rail have been further developed by Paul Young, a Wellington member of Generation Zero, writing a contribution for the Auckland Transport Blog. He describes the spine plan for bus rapid transit (BRT) as

a short-sighted and problematic choice for Wellington. Light rail is a future-proofed option that we believe would deliver more benefits.

He also quotes Professor Peter Newman (whose views have also quoted by Brent Efford):

There are 170 cities around the world with less than 150,000 residents that have light rail that is working. Why can’t Wellington?

You can read Paul Young’s persuasive article in full here.

And with so little time remaining, Generation Zero have prepared an easy-to-understand submission form, where your views can be made known to the Regional Council.