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Parking mad at the airport

by Sarah Free
I went to the airport last Tuesday to collect my aunt, visiting from Seattle in the USA.  I spent a totally frustrating (and dangerous) 10 minutes circling narrow laneways, fruitlessly looking for a car park, witnessing near collisions as cars tried to turn into blind corners, and finally finding a car park at the remotest end of the upper level.

I was inwardly seething as I went to meet my relative. By the time I had found her, walked back to the car with luggage, run to the ticket machine (only one for the whole upper level),  back to the car, and then negotiated the slalom course to the exit, it had been just over 30 minutes and I was charged a cool $7.00.

It was embarrassing, to be honest,  to be welcoming someone to New Zealand’s capital city in such a manner.

Perhaps it’s not an extension we need, so much as a long hard look at what we already have. Because quite frankly, if I were to criticise the current city council for anything, it would be the way in which they seem to have lost all control of what is going on with the airport.

Did someone at WCC issue a resource consent for all of this? What happened to the city’s representation on the board? What will it take to get back two-way freely available vehicle acess along Stewart Duff Drive?

These are only some of the questions which need answers.

Sarah Free is an Eastern Ward candidate in the Wellington City council elections

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