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Morrison’s unauthorised election signs to be removed from Basin Reserve

A Wellington mayoral candidate has erected unauthorised election advertising signs on land alongside the Basin Reserve. Embarrassingly for John Morrison, he is the council’s trustee on the Basin Reserve Trust, but the Trust says it has not given permission for his signs to be erected.


The manager of the Basin Reserve Trust has told the Wellington City Council that he will be taking steps to have the Morrison signs removed.

The council has approved locations for election advertising signs – the Basin Reserve is not one of them.

Councillor Morrison and the Basin Reserve


  1. Rufus Sixsmith, 7. October 2013, 17:20

    Why does Cr Morrison believe rules apply to everyone else but NOT to himself?

    I have also noticed his signs have been attached to Labour candidates’ hoardings around the place like a parasitic growth!!!

  2. Matai, 7. October 2013, 18:55

    I love the fact that in the second photo Morrison’s sign is aptly positioned next to one of the decaying buildings at the Basin Reserve – rather fitting given the state of neglect he has allowed the Basin Reserve to fall into while he has been a Trustee of the Basin Reserve Trust since 2005. Which, by the way, is responsible for managing and administering the Basin Reserve. Doesn’t exactly inspire hope in a man that thinks he’s got what it takes to run the city!!

  3. Alana, 8. October 2013, 19:08

    The sign at the Wakefield Memorial side of the Basin Reserve still stands this evening.
    The signs were placed there on Saturday, and the Morrison campaign has had the benefit of their exposure right up to the last day to send off election ballots.
    What will be the penalty to the Morrison campaign? A very harsh slap with a wet bus ticket?