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Wellington’s shared spaces are mediocre, need true public input, says Jack Yan

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Jack Yan, candidate for Wellington City’s Mayor, believes that the city’s “shared spaces” are mediocre compared other parts of the country and believes the solution lies in better public consultation.

‘If you compare the shared space on Cuba Street to that of Fort Street in Auckland, one feels much more welcoming to pedestrians. Unfortunately, that space isn’t the one in Wellington,’ Mr Yan says.

‘We need to go back to the public on this, perhaps holding a public design competition and create a shared space which truly gives people priority. The present design absolutely fails to provide this. It simply feels like any other road.’

Mr Yan would also like to see much more green spaces around the city, suggesting that this could be achieved through “pocket parks”.

‘If you look at places like Bond Street, where it meets Willis Street, we could create a small pocket park at the end. We could even go further and create a shared space on the street.’

Mr Yan says he has been developing his ideas about a more liveable city with the help of his colleague Malcolm Allan, a British planner and urban economist who now runs his own consultancy, Place Matters.

‘I believe we can help fund this by teaming up with businesses in the area, getting their input of the design and negotiate on the level of funding each party will provide. The businesses should, in theory, benefit from upgrades to the cityscape which will lead to increases in potential customers. This is something I would work through with the Council’s officers,’ he adds.

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  1. andy foster, 10. October 2013, 15:22

    Jack – just to let you know there is money budgeted for maintenance of kerb and channel and carriageway in Bond St this year. The intention is to using that money also increase the size of the pedestrian space at the Willis St end, and to create more of a shared space throughout.

    I agree with you about lower Cuba Street. It’s design is a result of the majority of the 2007-2010 Council wanting to maximise carparking along there. Giving up some spaces might allow a less direct route for vehicles, more in the tenor of an Emerson St (Napier). I think that could be done very cost effectively.

    I also completely agree with your comment about pocket parks. Council has delivered a number of these in recent years. We are currently working with the owner of the block on the corner of Manners /Victoria to improve Lombard Lane and the small Denton Park. Memorial Park isn’t exactly pocket sized but obviously will be a welcome addition to the city. There are several other possibilities for parks and boulevard greening in the central city.

    Warmest regards

    Andy Foster
    City Councillor