Celia Wade-Brown defeats John Morrison, wins second term as mayor of Wellington

Celia Wade-Brown has been re-elected as mayor of Wellington. She won the mayoralty on the fifth round of voting with 26,854 votes. John Morrison got 24,570.

Third in the mayoral stakes was Jack Yan, standing for a second time, with 9915 votes.

When the results were announced, the mayor sent this message via Twitter:
Thanks to all the supporters and electors. Delighted to be back!
And John Morrison’s message:
Thanks to everyone who supported and voted for me, and congratulations Celia.

In the Lambton ward, there are two new city councillors. Unsuccessful mayoral candidate Nicola Young (who received 5069 mayoral votes) has won one of the seats, and she will be joined by Labour candidate Mark Peck. Greens councillor Iona Pannett topped the poll in this ward, re-elected with 3353 votes, compared with Young’s 2489 and Peck’s 2332. In fourth position, former councillor Rex Nicholls received 1935 votes, not enough for him to re-join the city council.

Long-serving Eastern ward Leonie Gill has lost her place on the council, being beaten by first-time Greens candidate Sarah Free. Simon Marsh topped the Eastern ward poll, re-elected with 2733 votes. Ray Ahipene-Mercer was re-elected in second place with 2697. Sarah Free was elected with 2612 votes, ahead of Leonie Gill’s 2300.

Long-serving councillor Bryan Pepperell has lost his seat in the southern ward, where Labour councillor Paul Eagle topped the poll with 3609 votes. First-time Greens candidate David Lee was elected in second place with 2311. Ginette McDonald failed narrowly in her bid to become a councillor, with 2221 votes, which however put her well ahead of Bryan Pepperell who received only 953 votes.

Justin Lester tops the poll in the northern ward, re-elected with 3826 votes. Malcolm Sparrow, who is chair of the Tawa Community Board, becomes a city councillor for the first time, winning 3033 votes. Helene Ritchie has been re-elected with 2752 votes, followed closely by Peter Gilberd whose 2721 votes in fourth position are not enough to elect him. However these figures qualify as “preliminary” results, so the final count when special votes have been added will be watched with interest by both Helene and Peter.

Andy Foster has again topped the poll in Onslow-Western, re-elected with 4366 votes, making him the city’s most popular councillor. Jo Coughlan was also re-elected in Onslow-Western, with 3484 votes. Photographer Simon Woolf becomes the third councillor for this ward, as an independent, with 3565 votes. Among the unsuccessful candidates were Malcolm Aitken and Hayley Robinson.

All five Greens candidates for the city council and the regional council have been elected.

Former Green MP Sue Kedgley becomes a regional councillor, joining Green councillor Paul Bruce. The other Wellington representatives on the regional council will again be Fran Wilde, Chris Laidlaw and Judith Aitken. Labour regional councillor Daran Ponter has not been re-elected.

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