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Design guru talks with Te Radar at Semi-Permanent


Report and photo by Stephen Olsen
Semi-Permanent drawcard Matt Checkowski in conversation with MC Te Radar at The Embassy yesterday.

The event continues today with three sessions and six speakers from the wonderful worlds of the web, graphic design and madmen advertising.

Checkowski closed day one of the second Semi-Permanent event to be hosted in Wellington.

Coincidental with the new Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) movie soon to show in the city, Checkowski’s one and only direction of a feature movie starred Coogan in 2006 (Lies & Alibis – a tale of infidelity that would resonate with a certain mayor at the moment).

Checkowski has since carved out a niche as a short-form film and design guru, whose call to arms yesterday being that the world is screwed if we don’t get a real handle on what it takes to be story telling “story people”.

Who is Matt Checkowski
Storyteller, Designer, Modern Vaudevillian & Chief at The Department of the 4th Dimension.

Matt’s Story
We live in a world that craves story and where creativity has never been limited to a single process or media. I believe storytelling is not just something we create: it’s the very thing that connects us to each other and makes us human. I’ve had the opportunity to direct a world-wide theatrically released feature film, design live digital content for an opera & a 24-hour interactive content program for a Times Square skyscraper, concept and create the first ever pop up museum for scent, and design the dream sequences for Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report. I’ve been educated in the art and science of espresso, beer and butchery. Sat shoulder to shoulder with master perfumers, entertainment icons, fashion mavens, NFL quarterbacks and Wall Street CEOs. I try to discover, listen and interpret their stories so that we can all become more inspired explorers.