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11-year-old Upper Hutt schoolboy delivers anti-whaling petition to MPs

News from Trio Communications
National Whale Centre Youth Patron, Isaac Scott (11), will present his petition to stop Japanese whaling ships killing whales in the Southern Ocean to Parliament today.

Upper Hutt schoolboy Isaac, who hopes to become a marine biologist, has collected more than 5000 signatures for his online petition. Too young to join the crew of ‘Sea Shepherd’, Isaac decided to rally other New Zealanders to support the cause of saving the whales.

“Isaac’s passion for this cause and his initiative is one of the reasons we invited him to become the NWC’s Youth Patron. He is an inspiration and we think it’s fantastic that he’s reached this stage,” comments NWC Trust chair, Nick Gerritsen.

A group of New Zealanders united by their passion for conserving marine eco systems and this country’s heritage aim are currently fundraising to set up the NWC in Picton, Marlborough in the near future.

The NWC aims to increase awareness of New Zealand’s whaling history in the Marlborough Sounds as well as current whale and dolphin (cetaceans) conservation efforts through information, research and exhibition programmes.

The NWC will be the first centre in this country focused purely around whales and other cetaceans. Fifty-three of the world’s 87 whale species are found in New Zealand waters. Some of the world’s rarest dolphins, the Maui and Hector’s dolphins, are also found here.

“We have started the centre’s design and hope to make a further announcement about its development before Christmas,” says Gerritsen.


  1. Eduardo Sanchez, 22. October 2013, 11:33

    Saving the whales from what? They’re not endangered. Please write a petition to save animals that actually need saving.

  2. AnimuX, 24. October 2013, 0:56

    There are many species and populations of whales which remain endangered today as a result of over-exploitation by commercial whaling.

    Japan annually kills endangered fin whales, endangered sei whales, vulnerable sperm whales, rare Bryde’s whales, common minke whales (many from the threatened J-stock), and Antarctic minke whales (IUCN data shows this species may also be in decline). Not to mention up to 20,000 small cetaceans like dolphins, including rare beaked whales and a Dall’s porpoise hunt called ‘clearly unsustainable’ by the IWC scientific committee…

  3. Luke, 1. November 2013, 20:42

    Well done Isaac, on the ship or not you are a Shepherd.

    MV Bob Barker