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Board of inquiry demands more detail on visual impact of Basin flyover

The board of inquiry which is deciding whether to allow a flyover to be built alongside the Basin Reserve is showing interest in submitters’ concerns about the visual impact of the project.

It has asked the NZ Transport Agency for more visuals to show how the flyover will effect its Mt Victoria neighbourhood. It is also showing concern about the visual impact of the big new pavilion which the Transport Agency wants to pay for, to protect cricketers from seeing overhead traffic.

Here’s what the board has requested in a letter to the Transport Agency:

Additional visual simulations (both without and with the proposed Basin mitigation (the 65 metre structure option , unless otherwise stated below), as follows:

a. Close-range Ellice Street view, mid-way between Hania Street and Brougham Street, looking towards the proposed bridge

b. Grandstand Apartments, subject to apartment owner agreement for access:

elevated view (south aspect) from a Level 6 window looking out over the green screen
towards the Basin Reserve/Dufferin Street (without and with the proposed Basin mitigation alternatives (i.e. 45 metre, 55 metre and 65 metre structure options).

elevated view (west aspect) from a balcony between Levels 4 and 6 looking out towards
the Basin Reserve/ Buckle Street/Memorial Park.

c. Close-range view in the vicinity of 9/9A Dufferin Street (north aspect) looking towards the proposed bridge.

d. Elevated view from the upper level of the historic Basin Reserve Museum Stand looking towards the proposed bridge

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  1. Elaine Hampton, 25. October 2013, 20:03

    At our Out of Court submitters’ meeting, we pressed N Z T A for a scale model of the Flyover. Greg Lee, project manager, was ‘not ashamed of deciding not to produce one.’ In the end Alistair Aburn undertook to ensure a model was produced. He didn’t say when. We await developments. How can you mitigate a monster?