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Murdered in Miramar

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She walked her kids to school. She talked to a teacher. She went home, and was brutally murdered.

The killing of 37-year-old Mei Fan, in a quiet Wellington suburban street, stands out as a great sadness for us all, even at a time when the news is over-supplied with horrors – 2500 dead in the Philippines, 3 million refugees from Syria.

In the same week as her murder, a White Ribbon campaign was launched – a campaign against violence to women. The mayors of Wellington and Lower Hutt asked us to “sign the pledge.”

“Violence and fear of violence must be eliminated. It destroys lives and prevents the most vulnerable in our society from participating in our communities,” said Celia Wade-Brown. “Wellington will be an even better place without violence.” But the campaign didn’t stop the violence in Miramar.

It’s only a short distance from Mei Fan’s home in Brussels Street to the Miramar Central School, whose motto is “empowering our children”. The school is in Park Road – a street which everyone in Wellington knows, because it’s where the Miramar town centre has been rejuvenated around the Roxy Cinema. At the other end of the street is the California Garden Shop, which is next to Peter Jackson’s enormous Park Road Post Production, and it leads to the Weta Cave, visited every day by bus-loads of tourists.

Not an area where you’d expect a brutal crime.

The police have been unusually specific in their description of the murder: “A brutal and vicious attack … a heartless attack that has taken away the mum of two little children.”

They say they want to hear from anyone who saw anything out of place or suspicious in the Miramar area last Friday morning. They want to hear from anyone who saw Mei Fan, or her little red Honda hatchback, after she’d dropped her children at school.

It wasn’t till Sunday afternoon that a friend found Mei Fan’s body. Police arrived at the scene with assault rifles. Since then, they’ve felt a need to reassure the people of Miramar. “I can reassure the community that there is nothing to indicate that this is anything but a one-off attack resulting in the needless loss of a young mother’s life,” says a detective, somewhat obscurely.

A great sadness for Miramar, and for all of us in Wellington.

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  1. Melissa, 17. November 2013, 11:55

    Who picked her kids up from school? [The DomPost has reported that she had a week-about shared custody arrangement with her ex-husband.]

  2. Tani Höyhtyä, 3. December 2013, 9:47


    Ms Fan Rongmei, aged 37, born in Inner-Mongolia China, living in 30C Brussels Street, Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand; was brutally murdered at her home on 8 Nov 2013, after she dropped her two children to school. Through this Facebook page, we wish to cherish and respect the memory and life of a wonderful mother of two; woman having good, enormous and warm heart for everybody and the most beautiful smile on earth. We share some happy moments of her life in form of photos and videos. We try to keep you updated on the latest news and official police reports related to this crime. All information related to crime itself is from public sources like newspapers, TV, police website etc. Photos and videos of Mei are from private sources. This is not a hate page. Inappropriate comments will be removed and senders blocked permanently.