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  1. Mike Mellor, 25. November 2013, 19:34

    Another thing GWRC ignored about Kaiwharawhara was its role as an interchange station between the Hutt and Kapiti lines. Heading to Porirua/Kapiti, such journeys now take half an hour longer than they used to, because every half-hour the Kapiti train leaves Wellington just one minute before the Hutt Valley one arrives.

    Consultation would have identified all these issues, but for some reason GWRC wanted to keep the whole thing under wraps until it was a done deal. Perhaps as some sort of partial recompense they could consider rescheduling their trains to provide a better connection. Even better, a long-overdue improvement would be to increase train frequency to every 15 minutes, improving accessibility at a stroke and matching the frequency of buses on the main high-frequency routes.

  2. Traveller, 26. November 2013, 8:16

    Re the deteriorating rivers: the regional council seems to be another local body that’s passing the buck to the farmers instead of being rigorous on the subject of water quality.