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Twenty charges of burglary – man arrested after thefts from hospital, university

News from NZ Police
Wellington Police this morning arrested 26-year-old Pita Edwards who they believe is connected to a string of commercial burglaries.

Police have been monitoring his bank accounts, cell phones and known addresses and were able to locate him shortly after he had cashed a stolen cheque.

He has been linked by CCTV footage, and by leaving his wallet behind at one scene, to thefts from Wellington Hospital and Victoria University. Police suspect he has also been involved in burglaries from two other commercial buildings and has dressed in a way so as to not draw attention to himself, as it is believed he did at the Otago School of Medicine.

Detective Sergeant Glenn Williams says “Police are pleased to have this alleged offender in custody and to bring a stop to any further offences. Based on the information we have gathered in this inquiry we believe he has used deception to commit these offences. His motivations remain unknown”.

“The reality is, however, that his opportunistic offending has been against people going about their day-to-day jobs, many of which are focussed on helping people.
His alleged offending has effected the community for two weeks and that now been brought to an end”.

“Police wish to thank the members of the public who came forward with information and the organisations that were targeted as they have provided any assistance we required for the investigation”.

Edwards will appear in the Wellington District Court tomorrow on 20 charges of burglary, obtaining by deception, dishonestly taking and using documents and unlawfully being in a building.

Remanded in custody