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Not a done deal – Mt Victoria Residents seek help to fight flyover

News from Mt Victoria Residents Association
The Mt Victoria Residents Association is asking for donations towards our promotion of a viable and cost-effective alternative to the NZ Transport Agency’s plans to build a flyover at the Basin Reserve.

We have a dream team lined up — including Richard Reid, urban designer; Jan McCredie, Planner, Wellington City 2040; John Foster and David Young, traffic engineers; and Rod Oram, economics — to provide an alternative that will retain and improve the function of the Basin Reserve roundabout at ground level at far less cost than the flyover.

It will also provide opportunities for improved public transport, cycling, and walking, as well as enhance the historic urban environment and open space of the Basin Reserve area. The MVRA believes this alternative will be of far greater benefit to our residents and the future of our people-centred city than the flyover.

Your donations are needed to pay for professionals to provide legal, urban planning, and other expertise to support the MVRA’s case to the Board of Inquiry that will decide whether the flyover will go ahead. This expertise, while critical to the credibility of our case, is expensive.

Whatever people can donate will help. If 200 people give $200, we will have a fighting fund. You can donate

– by direct credit to our account at BNZ 020560 0030689 00. If you do so, please put your name in the reference, and also email your details to the Treasurer, Sue Watt, at
– If you wish to send a cheque, please mail it to Box 19056, Courtenay Place, Wellington 6149.

You can claim a tax credit from the IRD on all donations, as MVRA is a recognised donee organisation.


  1. Lan, 2. December 2013, 12:42

    A friend who had just spent a weekend at The Mount said it was so built over it was unrecognizable – we are destroying New Zealand with bad planning and poor design. Bad taste and casual disregard for environmental quality reigns. It doesn’t need to be like this. We can do better. Queenstown/Wanaka “development” is a prime case … more and more planes and helicopters. Tourists come to get away from all this stuff. Not only are we destroying our Wilderness (no, it is not a matter of “use it or lose it” as Jim Mora’s Afternoon programme suggested last week on RNZ) we don’t appreciate that Wilderness thrives on disuse and certainly on a lack of flights overhead when using our so-called “great walks” … as two Dutch trampers said to me on the Milford, this is why they came to NZ (and this was mid 80s). Nowhere in Europe is free of overhead planes and noise and “development”. We need to take heed before it is too late!

  2. Trevor Roll, 2. December 2013, 17:32

    If I make a donation will I get into the city in less time? Quite happy if that is the case.