“Traffic chaos” as motorists stop to see orcas near Paekakariki

News from NZ Police
Orcas swimming off the coast on the Centennial Highway are resulting in traffic chaos for motorists. The stretch of road between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki has almost come to a standstill as motorists pull over to watch the orca’s swimming in the water.

There have been numerous accidents reported as drivers look at the orcas and not the vehicles stopped in front of them. Some motorists are putting their lives by parking on the side of the road and running across the road to get a better view.

Roading contractors are enroute to the area and will be setting up road cones to prevent people from stopping in dangerous areas.

Traffic is moving very slowly and police are urging drivers to focus their full attention on the road in front of them and not on the orcas. Police now have several patrols in the area and will be taking positive action on those motorists parking dangerously or illegally.

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