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Film Wellington buys dinner for 27 in Los Angeles

Press Release – Film Wellington
Riding on the coattails of the Los Angeles premiere of the second film of The Hobbit trilogy, Film Wellington and Grow Wellington are hosting a group of distinguished writers in Los Angeles, in the hopes of luring them to Wellington in 2014.

Big Fish Wanted was the heading for the invitation to tonight’s dinner which was to be attended by around 27 high-profile television showrunner writers and New Zealand screen industry representatives including location scouts, Film Wellington and Grow Wellington, the agency for regional economic development.

Showrunners are writers for television who are the equivalent of directors in the film industry, responsible for hiring other writers, casting, executive producing of a series and all creative aspects of show.

“Our talent pool in New Zealand needs expanding around writing for television,” says Film Wellington manager Nicci Lock.

“If we are to develop a highly profitable New Zealand television export industry, one that creates and owns its own IP, we must develop head writers or show runners who are experienced in the global market. These writers will, in turn, help to develop and nurture the talent of up and coming local writers and give them exposure and experience on international level production.”

Ms Lock says that interest is high for the dinner and invitations were strategically targeted to cover specific writers; some have already been to New Zealand, or have a relationship with Film Wellington, some are new to the idea of visiting and working here.

The dinner is one of several events and meetings during a 12 day talent drive in Los Angeles, where Film Wellington and Grow Wellington will be flying the NZ flag to attract television writing talent to the Wellington region. The New Zealand trip when the showrunners will visit screen industry in Wellington, is planned for May next year.

Ms Lock returns from Los Angeles on December 10.

The Film Wellington office promotes the Wellington region as a screen production destination.

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