Face scanner for age verification: new system launched on Queens Wharf

News release from Identifeye
“Tech-savvy Wellington is the perfect city to embrace the latest age verification system, Identifeye” says Laura Hogg, Manager of Identifeye. “Our city was recently named the leader for high-tech growth in New Zealand in the TIN100 report, and here Wellington goes again, looking to another time-saving technology solution.”

Identifeye uses a top-quality, secure facial recognition system to verify registered users who meet the legal age requirement at the point of entry or point of sale where there is an age restriction, such as bars.

“We have had EFTPOS revolutionise the way we pay, verified purchases using your fingerprint on the new iPhone5S, and now a registered user can scan straight in to an Identifeye-friendly bar without producing any ID – you are your own ID,” says Hogg.

“Encouraging Identifeye in Wellington bars is yet another great example of our future-focussed mind set. And let’s face it, entering a bar using a facial scanner feels a bit ‘James Bond’, which we think is pretty sweet,” she says.

The front-runner for the new technology will be the Courtenay Place establishment Mishmosh, which will be the first official Identifeye bar, ready for registered users to enter using Identifeye at 8pm tonight. Mishmosh Bar Manager Charlotte Kurta believes that Identifeye will create a fantastic and contemporary “VIP” feel for registered patrons as it saves hassle and creates an exciting new experience for Wellington bar-goers.

Identifeye isn’t just limited to use in bars, either. The long-term goal for Identifeye is to make it accessible for other merchants where ID sighting is a requirement for purchasing goods, or entry to premises or events.

“Imagine going to the supermarket, and instead of wasting time while the checkout operator stands there with their hand up waiting for an authorised person to confirm your ID, you simply scan yourself in at the checkout, and boom, your age is verified and you can get on with it – how easy is that?” says Hogg.

Other future uses could include entry to concerts or music festivals.

Wellington will be the first city to host the official sign-up event for Identifeye from today to 8 December at a kiosk under the canopy on Queens Wharf, outside the TSB Arena between 10am and 6pm (except Sunday when the kiosk will close at 4pm). Registration is free and only has to be completed once. Free stuff including pizza and drinks will be available at the kiosk.

Registration details and more information can be found at www.identifeye.co.nz


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