Man arrested for 35 burglaries from garden sheds and garages in Epuni

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Hutt Valley Police have arrested a man who will be facing 35 charges in the Hutt Valley District Court today.

The 51-year-old man is alleged to have been responsible for a string of burglaries from garden sheds and garages in and around the suburb of Epuni in Lower Hutt.

His arrest follows a spate of reports of gardening equipment and tools being stolen – such as weedeaters, lawnmowers, wheel barrows, drop saws, chainsaws and tool boxes. Other items taken from garages included bikes, fishing rods and sports equipment.

Examinations at each property established a clear pattern where the burglar has gained entry through windows where glass was slid from the frame. In other cases the shed or garage was unlocked or entry has been forced.

Senior Sergeant Steve Harwood says “Police have been asking the local community to keep an eye out for anything suspicious and as a result of information from the public we are pleased to be able to hold someone responsible for these burglaries”.

“Burglaries can have an unsettling effect for people and we hope this arrest will bring some reassurance to the local community”.

“After executing search warrants we have recovered a number of items which we’ll now be able to return to their owners”.

“Police continue to encourage people to lock their garages or garden shed and, in particular, ensure any windows are secure. Serial numbers and other unique identifying details for valuable items can be recorded for free on the Operation Snap website”.

“If people see something that doesn’t sit right with them or looks out of place, they should call Police”.

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