37 Wellington buildings assessed and cleared after review of non-ductile columns

The Government review of buildings with non-ductile columns has resulted in 37 Wellington buildings being assessed and cleared, with one building being vacated.

News from NZ Government
Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson yesterday announced more than two-thirds of the structures part of a review into buildings with non-ductile columns have been cleared or excluded.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment led review seeks to establish if there are any buildings with similar design flaws to the Canterbury Television Building, which collapsed in the February 2011 earthquake and killed 115 people.

“In total, 176 buildings have now been cleared and another 59 excluded. As previously announced, two buildings have been vacated due to a number of issues,” Maurice Williamson says.

Overview of the 342 buildings included in the review:
• In Auckland, 99 buildings have been assessed and cleared.
• In Wellington, 37 buildings have been assessed and cleared. One building has been vacated.
• In other areas (excluding Christchurch) 39 buildings have been assessed and cleared. One New Plymouth building has been vacated.
• In Christchurch, 13 buildings were originally in scope but 12 have now been deemed out of scope because they have been demolished, acquired for demolition or did not have non-ductile columns. The one building in scope has been upgraded and its previous structural issues resolved. That building is now deemed to be cleared.
• Fifty-nine buildings have been ruled out of scope as they don’t meet the review criteria – they either didn’t have non-ductile columns, weren’t consented in the time-frame ductile columns were allowed, were under three storeys, have been demolished or will be demolished.


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