SCOOP DOG PHOTOS: Tinakori walking track will open again by Christmas


Scoop dogs Henry and Harriet with 3 of the team who are clearing tracks on the Tinakori Hill

Report and photos by Neil Douglas
Thanks to Hamish and his team at Treescape – the Tinakori walking track is going to be open again by Christmas.

It is now six months since the big storm of June the 21st brought down some big pine trees on Tinakori Hill and made an obstacle course of many walking tracks. The response of the Wellington City Council was to put up lots of ‘track closed’ signs. These signs have long since been blown away or stripped away by locals, leaving intrepid walkers like me to fashion impromptu tracks around the fallen tree stumps and ‘tight rope’ walk along fallen tree trunks.

Richard Mclean of the city council pleaded for patience in mid September in response to a Scoop Dog report and promised us that the work “will be done well before Christmas”. Nothing seemingly happened for three more months. Discussing the situation with a fellow walker out with his dog Bella a couple of days ago, we wondered whether it was actually this Christmas that Richard McLean was talking about. But then yesterday I heard the long awaited sound of chainsaws working on Tinakori hill.

Fantastic, work had begun! Local company Treescape had won one of the four contracts to clear the tracks. I contacted Treescape and arranged for me and the Scoop dogs to meet Hamish and his team during their lunch break. There’s three chainsaw men – Hamish, Jack and Terry – plus Andre who is in charge of the big digger with a very impressive looking chainsaw attachment. It’s going to take them up to the 20th of December to clear the main track and fell any trees in danger of falling down onto the track.

If you are out walking on Tinakori Hill between 9am and 5pm before the 20th December, you must heed the danger signs stretched across the track. I can vouch for their authenticity as I watched, from a safe distance behind the sign, some pretty large trees being dropped by Hamish and his team. Timber was the cry!


I doubt all the tracks will be cleared by Christmas but Treescape looks certain to have the main track open. So we will all be able to walk off our Christmas excesses without tripping over a log or two.


Thanks Treescape and the WCC.



  1. Bela (the scottish terrier), 10. December 2013, 21:43

    Barking good news Harriet – I’ll be zipping around you tomorrow on the hill so don’t get your hackles up.

    Henry – well you need to look at the camera more you dopey mutt.

  2. Ian Kearns, 10. December 2013, 22:11

    Scoop dogs look like they are making sure there are no extended lunch breaks.

  3. Stephen Bargwanna, 10. December 2013, 22:46

    It is about time…..this is one of my favourite walking tracks when I visit Wellington. Surely the Council must realize that there are extra costs of delaying fixing this track up, like contract prices go up, risk claims,and, by the way, beware signs don’t stand up in court!

  4. B Smyth, 11. December 2013, 9:54

    Thank you Hamish and his team at Treescape for clearing the tracks.
    I can now join Harriet and Henry on their evening walks.

  5. George Karpouzis, 11. December 2013, 11:21

    Well done Scoop Dogs. Keep the fight up. Have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  6. paul bruce, 11. December 2013, 13:10

    Thanks Neil – great story! Central Park tracks are open, but severely restricted by a number of fallen trees, one in particular on the main path to Brooklyn is a real handicap for people pushing bikes! I wonder how far down WCC’s list we are?

  7. Harriet, 11. December 2013, 17:40

    Paul – Henry is going to get on the Brooklyn track as he likes to drop in at the Central Vet clinic for a free meaty chew (with his injections). We’ll get up that track and send a photo to Richard McLean. If there’s no action, Richard had better watch his trouser leg. Grrrrrrrrrr

  8. Daryl Cockburn, 11. December 2013, 18:00

    hey great for my mountain bike on v g tracks !!


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