A new logo, but no Christmas tree

“The Wellington Council can’t find the money for a civic Christmas tree, but only last month forked out $24,000 of ratepayer funds for a new logo,” said Jordan Williams, executive director of the NZ Taxpayers’ Union, today.

“While we usually applaud Council efforts to save money, surely a civic tree to help Wellingtonians get into the Christmas spirit isn’t too much to ask.

“Ratepayers expect festive decorations, not lame ‘spot prizes’ such as rubbish bags. What’s next, family passes to the landfill?”

Mr Williams was responding to Katie Chapman’s report in the DomPost this morning that the city council is spending its $20,000 yuletide budget on entertainment and spot prizes instead of the usual Christmas trees and decorations. The report also said that Mayor Wade-Brown wants a Christmas tree put back in Midland Park and has “asked staff to see what they could do.”

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  1. peter@eastwelly, 11. December 2013, 11:11

    “Bah humbug,” said Scrooge.
    “Bah humbug,” echoed the Wellington City Council.
    Seasons tidings, well, such as they are, thought the rest of New Zealand.


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