Protest at Basin Reserve against flyover plan

basinsave Dec13

News from Save the Basin
Wellingtonians came out this morning to show their continuing opposition to plans for a flyover alongside the Basin Reserve.

Approximately 30 people gathered at the northern end of the Basin, near where the proposed flyover will be constructed if it gains approval from the Board of Inquiry.

Tim Jones, Co-convenor of Save the Basin Campaign, said: “The community came out today to show their support for–and solidarity with–the many people preparing their representations to the Board of Inquiry. The streamlined legal process is not for everyone, so today’s event was an opportunity to illustrate the wider community’s opposition to the proposed flyover.”

The West Indies test match which began at the Basin Reserve today was also an opportunity to share with an international audience the NZTA’s plans to construct a flyover at what former Wellington City Councillor and New Zealand Cricket player John Morrison has called one of the world’s top ten test match playing venues.

Tim Jones says “This is a site of not only national, but also international significance and we cannot allow the NZTA to bulldoze through it with a flyover that will simply not bring the purported traffic benefits.

“It is terrible transport planning, poor urban design and simply not acceptable at a site of national and international significance.”

Along with many other submitters in opposition to the proposal, the Save the Basin Campaign is in the midst of preparing a case to the Board of Inquiry. The hearing will begin in February with a decision due by the middle of 2014.



  1. TP, 11. December 2013, 21:34

    Sorry guys, but 30 people at a protest – that’s just embarrassing.

  2. Nora, 12. December 2013, 7:08

    Sorry TP but many supporters have to work. Having a coffee afterwards, the waiter asked us were we having a nice day? Yes we said supporting the protest to Save the Basin from the flyover…..Well done he said. “What an ugly looking structure” and “keep up the good work”.

  3. JC, 12. December 2013, 13:07

    OK Nora, so 31 then?

    And how many are in support?

  4. Peter, 12. December 2013, 14:29

    There is a formula – from memory it is something like 70 to one. Anyway, JC, I haven’t seen you out with the begging bowl to raise the funds for the proposed link between bottlenecks.


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