Taxpayers’ Union ‘furious,’ says council’s living wage decision is ‘shameful’

News Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union
The Taxpayers’ Union is furious that Wellington City Councillors today elected to pay a ‘living wage’ from 1 January 2014, before ratepayers will have any chance to submit on the proposal.

“It is shameful that for political reasons Wellington Council will be charging ratepayers, including those living in poverty, more to pay inflated wages for some,” says Executive Director Jordan Williams.

Wellington City Council ignored the publicly available advice of Treasury that a ‘living wage is not well targeted at the intended demographic of low-income families’.

“Choosing to pay someone more than is necessary for him or her to do the job does not alleviate poverty when the people paying for it include those struggling on the minimum wage.”

“We all support higher wages, but the Council taxing more to pay inflated wages for some, does not make Wellington better off.”

“As the Treasury analysis shows, a living wage policy is one of the worst ways to relieve poverty.”

Wellington City will be the first to implement a living wage.

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  1. Traveller, 11. December 2013, 16:46

    Who says the council will be taxing more, to pay for this decision? Didn’t the mayor say they would be making cuts in other budgets?

  2. William C O'Donnell, 11. December 2013, 21:38

    I think this Taxpayers’ Union are a bunch of miserly building owners, out of touch with reality & social conscience!

  3. CC, 12. December 2013, 8:00

    The Taxpayers Union, like the local Chamber of Commerce, is led by a typical clique. The profile is generally of self-opinionated, doctrinairist people of little creative or practical talent who resent paying their contribution for living in a fair and equitable society. It would not be so bad if they hesitated for a moment to analyse the sources of their income. If they did, most would find they are far greater recipients of tax and rate resources and subsidies than the underpaid hard working people they so clearly despise. That said, all power to them – history shows that ultimately they go too far and lose their heads (literally as well as figuratively) when the tides of greed are turned back.

  4. Rosamund, 13. December 2013, 10:02

    I imagine that the Taxpayers Union is the latest incarnation of ACT which was once known as the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers; in its naivety it has not realised that our Council is not a commercial enterprise but a social construct.


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