New cycleway and walkway from Kilbirnie to Lyall Bay

News from Councillor Sarah Free
Funding has been approved in the Wellington City Council’s draft annual plan to create a new cycleway/walkway across Kilbirnie from Cockburn Street along the back of the bus barns and Rongotai College to Lyall Bay – Wellington’s first linear park.

Great for walkers, kids learning to ride, family recreation, and creating an oasis in the middle of suburbia…

There’s also the potential to link up with the runway underpass and through to Strathmore.

The draft annual plan will go out for consultation in the New Year.

Blog from Sarah Free – September 1
It was heartening to see the number of residents who dropped into Rongotai College on Saturday afternoon to give their views on what could be done with the Kilbirnie drainage land.

I was only there from about 1.30pm to 2.30pm, but in the time I was there , I heard so many good ideas expressed. These ranged from off-road walking/cycling (possibly with linkages to the town belt, the beach, and the runway underpass), to community garden, to a scented garden with sheltered, high- backed seating for older people; a children’s playground, activities for young people such as extra basketball hoops etc around the Rongotai College area; to planting fruit trees and other plants for bees.

There is a some funding available, which will likely be allocated to drawing up the initial plans and then seeking further community input. Hopefully, there would be sufficient resource somewhere to at least get a proper walkway done. After that a lot of it may be up to the community to decide further what they are prepared to commit to, or to seek grant funding for.

Now that the process has been started, it is nice to think that we should see some progress- as this has the potential to be a real community asset.



  1. Ron Beernink, 13. December 2013, 8:19

    Fantastic news. A real opportunity to put in a model walk + cycle way that can gives Wellingtonians a real flavour of how well this can work and good it can look. So lets hope for a well thought out design!

  2. Neil, 13. December 2013, 10:12

    Compare and contrast with the $6 million cycle/walk ‘flyover’ next to the Basin which makes us all $4.2 million worse off according to NZTA’s Benefit Cost Ratio of 0.3.

    Dumb economics or what?

    Cyclists and pedestrians are best left on the ground.

  3. NigelTwo, 13. December 2013, 15:39

    The road crossings at Onepu Road and to a lesser extent at Ross and Yule Streets are going to be a challenge. Onepu Rd probably needs to be an underpass. But then the money ran out! A sealed pathway would be a huge improvement over the current rough track, although this would hardly be anything “special”.


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