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More Ohariu billboards challenging Peter Dunne’s support for asset sales


News release from People’s Power Ohariu
The latest in a series of “Hey Peter!” billboards challenges Peter Dunne’s support of the asset sales legislation following the 65% “no” vote in the Ohariu electorate on asset sales. The billboards will be going up again in Johnsonville, Ngaio and Newlands. The above billboard is on the corner of Moorefield and Broderick Roads in Johnsonville.

It was only Peter Dunne’s vote in the 61 to 60 vote split that allowed the Government to float 49% of the energy companies.

Most people we have spoken to in the Ohariu electorate did not know before the 2011 general election that Peter Dunne would support the asset sales programme.

People’s Power Ohariu began its campaign of “Hey Peter!” billboards after Peter Dunne refused to “engage” with representatives of People’s Power Ohariu claiming the group is not “mainstream”. However People’s Power Ohariu continues to reflect the opinion of the clear majority of Ohariu voters who returned their voting papers.

Previous billboards have pointed to Peter Dunne’s single vote supporting the passage into law of the GCSB spying Bill, and his concern about the reading of his own Parliamentary emails while voting to allow the GCSB greater access to everyone elses’ emails.

Peter Dunne’s support of the Sky City Convention Centre Bill who also the subject of a “Hey Peter!” billboard.. Peter Dunne explained his change from opposition to support for the GSCB Bill as “willing buyer, willing seller”.

We are concerned about what other deals Peter Dunne will with his influential vote as he tries to worm his way back into the cabinet.


  1. Ian, 16. December 2013, 20:16

    Time to also install “Hey Peter” billboards in Wadestown to educate the “new Ohariu electorate” voters about the policies that this MP offers. We need to help Peter decide that he has inflicted enough damage on our country – it is time for him to retire!

  2. Neil, 17. December 2013, 9:31

    Peter Dunne has some virtue – at least he’s against the Dept of Cruelty’s carpet bombing of 1080 over ‘clean and green’ NZ. Let’s give the much maligned Possum some Christmas cheer.