Good news for Scoop Dogs: walking track on Tinakori Hill reopens on Friday

News from WCC
Keen walkers will be able to walk off their Christmas excess on Tinakori Hill’s main walking track when it reopens this Friday.

The track has been closed since the big storm on 21 June brought down a number of trees along the track.

Wellington City Council’s Arboriculture Team Manager David Spencer says the Tinakori Hill work has been one of the Council’s bigger clean-up jobs.

“There were five sites of major damage and smaller tracks were also closed because of fallen trees. We’ve had three tree contractors working long hours helping us to clear the track before Christmas.”

Most areas around Wellington have been cleared of damaged trees and the Council’s tree teams are now working on fixing tracks and pathways.

“We still have a bit of work to do at Willowbank Park and Spicer Forest. Because of the size of Spicer Forest, work won’t be completed there until the end of January. We’re also working on a planting plan for next year in the areas where damaged trees were removed.”

Mr Spencer would also like to remind people to still pay attention to signs on the tracks while they’re walking.

“It’s very important that people not enter areas where signs say the track is closed. While we have cleared most tracks there are some places where it’s still too dangerous to walk.”

Scoop Dogs report from Tinakori Hill



  1. Harriet Scoop Dog, 17. December 2013, 17:56

    Most of the signs have been ripped off by impatient walkers or blown off by the wind.

    There are some real obstacle courses left that pose a challenge to us four legged critters.

    Still onwards and upwards, woof, woof…

  2. Henry Scoop Dog, 17. December 2013, 17:59

    Good to see the Council is back to refering to our hill as Tinakori Hill and not that unpronouceable name beginning with Ah….

    My owner seethes when he sees the signs. I cock a leg and……..

    I’m wondering how much the stupid renaming exercise cost? Could have been money better spent on a dog exercise area.


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