Murdered journalist’s children speak of “void” after killing of their father

The three children of murdered journalist Derek Round yesterday issued a statement after their father’s killer was sentenced to life imprisonment.

“No admission of guilt, or conviction, can make up for the void left by the murder of our father,” they said.

“The memory of the violence inflicted on him is more than we can bear.

“The only solace for us is that the police and their untiring work were able to give us and our father some justice.”

The DomPost reports that Michael Werahiko, “a troubled young man,” was sentenced in the High Court in Wanganui to serve at least 15 years of a life imprisonment term.

The judge said: “He didn’t need to help you but he did, out of kindness and decency. And …you repaid him with the gross violence that killed him.”

The DomPost reports that two of Derek Round’s three children are journalists – son Mark, a journalist on the DomPost, and daughter Sally, of Radio New Zealand.


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