Levin man hit by falling tree and killed on forestry block; safety investigation begins

News from NZ Police
A 20-year-old man died this morning in a tree felling incident near Levin. He was Lincoln Kidd, aged 20, from Levin.

The incident occurred on State Highway 1 near Oturoa Road at 6:45am.

The man was felling trees on a forestry block when he was struck by a falling tree. The man’s colleagues immediately notified emergency services and first aid was administered to the man. However he died at the scene.

Police, fire and ambulance were in attendance.

Police have referred the matter to workplace safety inspectors for investigation.

How many more people need to die?



  1. Danyl Mclauchlan, 19. December 2013, 9:54

    Simon Bridges’ plan for the forestry industry to ‘take responsibility’ and regulate itself is literally killing people [via Twitter]

  2. peter@eastwelly, 19. December 2013, 11:29

    This has to stop. No one should go to work, not knowing whether or not they’ll make it home afterwards. That is now the reality in forestry.

  3. Helen Kelly, 19. December 2013, 15:22

    Tenth death this year. 20 years old. Someone”s boy. [via Twitter]

  4. Jim, 19. December 2013, 17:00

    Chopping down trees is a dangerous job full stop. Given the ‘wall of wood’ we are chopping down every week, deaths are going to happen in greater numbers. Ten deaths is ten too many but more rules and regulation won’t help.

    There are still thousands of forestry workers who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and who don’t live in total fear of falling timber. Keep a perspective and let’s not have knee jerk reactions from the politicians.


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