Road rage on Ewen Bridge – woman charged after video posted on Facebook

News from NZ Police
A 19-year-old woman seen in a road rage video posted to Facebook has been charged with assault. The assault against a victim who is yet to come forward to Police occurred on Sunday on the Ewen Bridge in Lower Hutt at around 4.30pm.

The woman spoke with Upper Hutt Police on Tuesday after the video appeared online on Sunday.

Senior Sergeant Carolyn McKenzie says “Police would like to speak to the woman victim and a witness who was with her and encourage them to get in contact”.

“The video serves as a useful reminder that people need to keep their cool out on the roads this summer. Brandishing a weapon and assaulting someone is not acceptable and Police will pursue charges”.

The 19-year-old will appear in Hutt Valley District Court on 28 January.

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  1. rick oshea, 20. December 2013, 13:03

    Drivers from Upper Hutt are notorious for ignoring the road code. This blonde example will go through the justice system with a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket, because of her status …. [edited]


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