Shots heard in Epuni, two men seen running away; but no evidence found

News from NZ Police
Hutt Valley police were called this afternoon after a man with a firearm was seen near the Epuni shops. A short time later, there were three loud bangs in the vicinity and two men were seen running away in opposite directions.

The man with the firearm got into a car and drove off. The car was found a short time later in Military Road, about 5 kilometres away. A police dog was unable to pick up a track from the car.

It is unclear if anyone was injured as police have not been able to locate a victim. No one has presented at Hutt Hospital with any serious injuries which might relate to this incident.

A scene examination by the CIB has not found any bullet holes so it cannot be confirmed that a firearm was used.

At this time, police do not have a motive and are trying to identify the parties involved.

Mystery over gunshots
Police say no shots were fired


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