Guyon Espiner to take over from Geoff Robinson on Morning Report

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High profile political journalist and broadcaster Guyon Espiner will replace Morning Report presenter Geoff Robinson on Radio New Zealand’s top- rating news programme.

“We are delighted to have a journalist of Guyon’s calibre taking over from Geoff” said Radio New Zealand chief executive Paul Thompson. “Guyon has an impressive career, impeccable journalism credentials and is an incisive interviewer. He has a strong understanding of both the political and commercial worlds and an extensive network of contacts at the highest levels in the public and private sectors”.

Paul Thompson says presenting Morning Report is one of the most influential and career defining roles in this country’s media.

“The public expects the country’s business and political leaders to be held to account and Guyon’s appointment means New Zealanders will be well served in what is going to be an interesting election year”.

Guyon Espiner has a 20 year career in journalism and has worked in both print and broadcast media. He has a proven track record in political reporting, having been political editor for Television New Zealand and, earlier, the Sunday Star Times.

He most recently worked for TV3 as an anchor and journalist on 3 and The Vote .

Guyon Espiner will begin presenting Morning Report in April.

“This is a great job” Mr Espiner said. “Radio New Zealand is renowned for the quality and authority of its journalism and Morning Report is dedicated to upholding that standard. I want the best forum to do the pure journalism that I enjoy and that forum is Morning Report”.

Morning Report is New Zealand’s most popular, and most respected, radio news programme. Every day, more than a quarter of a million New Zealanders tune in to listen to three hours of comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the day’s top news stories. The programme attracts a cume audience of 355,000 according to the latest Nielsen 2013 All New Zealand Radio Survey.

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  1. Guyon Espiner, 30. December 2013, 14:39

    I live in Auckland and will be hosting from here. I’m very excited and can’t wait to get started.[via Twitter]

  2. Hamish Keith, 30. December 2013, 14:42

    Odd that there is a bit of a tizz on about Morning Report Wellington Auckland balance – but no comment on gender [via Twitter]

  3. Grant Robertson, 30. December 2013, 14:48

    Most political interview subjects are in Wgtn. Those interviews work best face to face. I don’t think there’s room for 2 hosts in Auck if Guyon’s based there. [via Twitter]

  4. lindsay, 1. January 2014, 8:19

    According to the DomPost, Morning Report’s producers will continue to be based in Wellington while both presenters will be in Auckland. An unusual arrangement.

  5. Albert Tatlock, 4. January 2014, 9:51

    Well that’s it for me – I’ve been getting more and more disenchanted with Morning Report and its Auckland centricity. The only good thing left on the show is the bird at 8:59. Then I have to wait ten hours until Brian Crump at 7pm for anything decent on RadioNZ, and at least Brian’s based outside of Auckland. I’m sick of hearing about Auckland this and Len Brown’s been banging that. There is a whole country outside Auckland you know and I live there. So it’s the Radio NZ Concert program for me, and I’ll still be getting the bird.

  6. Helen Rhodes, 5. January 2014, 8:55

    I have never heard of this chap Guyon as I’ve not had a television for more than 9 years. I had hoped that Suzie Ferguson would be appointed to balance the weakness of Simon Mercep. During the break, I too have become a regular listener to the Concert programme, as the superficiality of the presenters from 9.00 weekdays is an irritant to me.

    I do not enjoy the mix of music overnight, having recently become an insomniac; this could be the one time when we could have documentaries or repeats of Simon Morton’s programme…he is just excellent.

    I imagine the changes to National Radio are meant to alienate its loyal listeners and by some magical means attract “other” listeners. Why would they bother when there are lots of commercial channels stringing together talkback and advertisements – ideal background for the vacuous and those uninterested in politics.

  7. Edward W. Large, 5. January 2014, 12:12

    Good points Helen – I can’t abide all the ‘modern’ music that gets played on Radio NZ Concert in the late afternoons or, sad to say, any of the NZ music much either – me and my cat can’t listen to Gareth Farr or Douglas Lilburn and the rest of the NZ composer crew for more than five minutes. Give me oldie european music please!

    And what a joke the #1 was for this year’s ‘Settling the Score.’ I’d never heard of the hideous singing piece and could not get past three minutes before switching off the program. Get real Radio NZ Concert – if it’s the people’s choice then it needs to be some piece that most of us have heard of. I’d like to see how the team managed to fabricate this year’s unbelievable result. We might be old farts who tune in but we’re not totally tone deaf and dumb.

  8. Nora, 6. January 2014, 18:44

    I agree Helen, but have we left it too late to promote Suzy Ferguson with the directors of Radio NZ Radio National? Looks like Saturday and Sunday night will be my only regular listen in, with Peter Fry and Jim Sutherland. However, enjoyed a session of A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor last Sunday, presumably while Jim is on holiday ….


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