Rain forces council to cancel its new year’s day picnic in Waitangi Park

It was great weather for fireworks in Wellington last night. But, unlike Auckland, Dunedin and Sydney, the council had cancelled its new year celebrations. And by lunchtime today, rain was falling and the council was forced to cancel its New Year picnic in Waitangi Park.

“Pack a picnic, bring a blanket and enjoy lunch in the sun,” advised Councillor Paul Eagle when the council announced its picnic. But only two hours after it had started, the council was forced to advise: “We’ve had to cancel the rest of today’s picnic due to rain.”

newyear13 auckland

New Year’s Eve in Auckland

newyear13 dunedin

New Year’s Eve in Dunedin

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New Year’s Eve in Gisborne

newyear13 sydney

New Year’s Eve in Sydney

News from WCC
Legendary New Zealand band Trinity Roots will headline Wellington’s celebration of the beginning of 2014 – the New Year’s Day Picnic in Waitangi Park. In a change from previous years, Summer City 2014 – Wellington City’s free summer events programme – will kick off with the picnic on Wednesday. There will be no New Year’s Eve fireworks.

“In previous years, the city council has run celebrations on New Years Eve in the city – this year, we’re doing something a bit different with more of a family focus,” says Councillor Paul Eagle, Council’s Chair of the Community, Sport and Recreation Committee.

“We are delighted to announce Wellington favourites Trinity Roots as our headline act. The New Year’s Day Picnic is all about good food, great music, and lots of fun activities for the kids.

“We want to encourage Wellingtonians to pack a picnic, bring a blanket and enjoy lunch in the sun while listening to Trinity Roots, Vanessa Stacey and Eb and Sparrow – a perfect start to 2014.”

The picnic is the first event in Wellington’s Summer City programme – including the line-up for the Botanic Garden’s Magic series of gigs – which was announced on December 12.



  1. Aimie Hines, 1. January 2014, 14:53

    Bring back the New Years fireworks because no one was at that picnic even before the rain [via Twitter]

  2. Mukesh, 1. January 2014, 14:57

    Was a lovely day yesterday for fireworks (which the kids watched on tv). Hopefully WCC will apply Act-Learn for 2014 [via Twitter]

  3. Celia Wade-Brown, 1. January 2014, 17:36

    Certainly listening to feedback. Any weather guarantees for 31/12/2014? ;-)
    (via Twitter)

  4. Nancy, 2. January 2014, 6:32

    What a let down! The Wellington City Council and the Capital City of NZ couldn’t bring the new year in with a spectacular!

    Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Gisborne all had something spectacular to bring in the New Year, and were the best places to be! Sad Wellington was boring! The public made their own celebrations!

  5. Tony Randle, 2. January 2014, 7:52

    There are never any guarantees with Wellington weather but it is disappointing that the WCC did not work out:
    1) that the event is at midnight New Year’s Eve not midday New Year’s Day . . . which is why most cities have fireworks
    2) that residents in the suburbs are more likely to come into the city in the evening than the day (when other options such as the beach beckon).
    3) that fireworks are less vulnerable than picnics to the poor weather for which our city is notorious . . . we have had fireworks in the rain (I know, I went).

    We and another group were going to go into the CBD to join the celebrations but we stayed at home when we found out the council was doing nothing to make the evening an “event”. It is part of the council’s job to keep traditions going . . . tedious for staff perhaps but part of the job.

  6. Charlene, 2. January 2014, 8:05

    Looks like Wellington isn’t the place to be on New Years Eve. How can the the capital city not have a fireworks display? First no Christmas tree and now no fireworks. :(


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