New Year’s Eve – but not in Wellington

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Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said today the city council is “listening to feedback” about Wellington’s decision not to have any civic celebration on New Year’s Eve. She was speaking after today’s New Year’s Day picnic was cancelled because of rain. Other cities did better last night. Auckland, for example. Then there was …

newyear13 dunedin

New Year’s Eve in Dunedin

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New Year’s Eve in Gisborne – more photos here

newyear13 sydney

New Year’s Eve in Sydney

london ny13

New Year’s Eve in London


New Year’s Eve in Dubai

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  1. Polly, 1. January 2014, 16:02

    Just to complete the lack of a Christmas Tree in Midland Park and Waitangi Park, the Wellington City Council certainly let the Festive season disappear without a celebration in Civic Square to welcome the New Year. The short notice of plans for a New Year’s Day picnic at Frank Kitts Park had not taken heed of the weather forecast, so no wonder very few turned up.

  2. Belinda Harris, 1. January 2014, 18:12

    Well it will be the last time we travel down from Palmerston North and stay the night for New Year’s Eve – what a total disappointment capital city Wellington. Okay the fireworks have been cancelled the last 3 years but at least last year there was music on the waterfront. Don’t you know that families actually want to see the New Year in because when you have got children you cant go into the pubs for the countdown etc. You should be ashamed of your decision what a joke and we will be telling others! Notice the absence of Wellington on the news tonight too!!!!

  3. Andrew Alan, 1. January 2014, 21:44

    If Wellington wants to be treated as a capital city it must act as a capital city. The majority of other towns in New Zealand, and other capitals worldwide, had firework displays, and yet the capital of this country did not. One cannot blame an English newspaper for stating that the capital of New Zealand is Auckland, especially by Wellington’s lack of a display. Furthermore, the lack of a Christmas tree really emphasises the ludicrous mismanagement of the festive season by the council. For the “coolest little capital” it proved the exact opposite last night.

  4. Mick McCrohon, 2. January 2014, 11:59

    thats more money we don’t have to borrow .
    most people arrange their own method of celebration that other people don’t have to pay for.

  5. peter@east-welly, 2. January 2014, 17:16

    The Telegraph in England reported the capital of New Zealand being in Auckland. I suppose we can be thankful they didn’t report that we cancelled Christmas as well.

  6. Awryly, 3. January 2014, 17:58

    Did she mention what this “feedback” was, or where it came from?
    Not that I mind my chihuahua not being startled by displays of volcanic erruptiveness.

  7. Brandon, 8. January 2014, 10:52

    The Wellington City Council is doing nothing to promote this city. I’m personally thinking about a move north which is becoming increasingly attractive. We moved here from Sydney 7 years ago…and things are getting worse each year. I’ve just come back from Thailand and in Phuket and they had nearly 90mins of amazing fireworks on NYE!!!

    Wake up Celia…do something for this city NOW. Haven’t we got enough green squares on the road?

  8. peter @east-welly, 9. January 2014, 16:21

    Brandon, they’re putting in more green squares, even as we speak. They’re for the Morris Dancers. Should look good in the middle of winter.

  9. andy foster, 10. January 2014, 8:04

    Thanks for the comments. I think most, and I suspect all Councillors will want to ensure that the 2014 Christmas and New Year is celebrated properly and I am sure we will talk about this when councillors are back in town.

  10. Rosamund, 10. January 2014, 12:32

    Perhaps Andy could tell us what events WCC is planning to commemorate 150 years of Wellington being the Capital City.

  11. Esjay, 10. January 2014, 12:37

    A few years ago I arrived in Tokyo on Christmas Eve and was astonished to see the extent of Christmas decorations at Narita Airport and throughout the city. The point here is that this nation is non-christian but recognised the significance to its visitors and especially the impact it had upon its business areas. I’ll wager they did not spend a cent on Guy Fawkes day.


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