PHOTOS: Taupo’s Greenlea helicopter helps rescue two boys after boat capzises

News from Greenlea Rescue Helicopter
Taupo’s Greenlea Rescue helicopter was called by the police this afternoon to search for two boys whose boat had capsized in Lake Taupo.

One of the missing boys put out a distress call on a mobile phone to his mother, saying they were out of their boat and needed assistance. The woman then contacted the police. When comms with the boys was lost the helicopter was called to help.

The boys were located very quickly (within 10 minutes of takeoff) 1km offshore from the nearest land, which was upwind of them. Realistically in the direction of travel (downwind) they were over 4km from shore.

The boys were clinging to the upturned hull of their dinghy. The helicopter crew directed a coast guard boat to the scene and it uplifted the boys.

Lake conditions at the time were rough with a 20 kt westerly and waves.

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