Wellington Scoop

Not to worry?

in Wellington it seems we don’t have to worry about Fonterra’s recall of suspicious fresh cream with the Anchor or the Pams brand.

Apparently none of the 8700 questionable bottles of cream were distributed south of Turangi.

Quality tests have shown there may be E.Coli i in some of the bottles. E.Coli, which is found in human and animal faeces, can cause infections and symptoms similar to food poisoning.

But Fonterra’s media release doesn’t sound too worried: “We are sorry for the inconvenience and concern this recall might cause.”

A Fonterra executive was more forthright on Radio NZ this morning: “We wouldn’t want this at any time and certainly now is not a good time for us either, but we’re doing everything we can. I think our consumers have stuck with us and they will continue to do so because they know the standards we maintain.”

Something else that we thought we didn’t have to worry about in Wellington: the measles outbreak.

At the start of the new year, measles cases had moved south from Auckland as far south as Taupo. No further.

But today, two cases are reported in Wellington, as well as 14 cases further north.

If you were born before 1969, you are considered immune to the disease. But for everyone else, health authorities recommend immunisation.

HealthLine 0800 611 116