Prisoners break windows and rip seats after bus breaks down on Desert Road

A bus full of prisoners broke down on the Desert Road last night and the Corrections Department has tried to downplay the seriousness of the event.

The 20 prisoners smashed windows and ripped up seats after the bus broke down, according to the DomPost. It says four police cars and extra Corrections staff were sent to the area, and the road was closed.

However in its official description of the event, Corrections fails to acknowledge any of these details.

Media release from Corrections Department
Police assisted Corrections to escort a transport bus carrying a number of prisoners to a nearby prison after it broke down last night on the Desert Road.

The prisoners were contained in the bus at all times. Corrections and Police staff were on hand and there was no risk to public safety.

Corrections has robust plans in place for incidents of this kind and our response was successfully executed.

A full investigation will be undertaken into this matter.


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