“Oil spill” in Cuba Street bucket fountain – campaign against deep sea drilling

Press Release – Oil Free Wellington

An oil spill in Cuba Street’s Bucket Fountain this morning was a demonstration by Wellingtonians concerned about the threat of deep sea drilling. The oil spill installed at the fountain displays the threat which deep sea drilling poses to the beautiful Wellington coasts as well as local businesses, the environment, and people.

This displays just one aspect of the opposition in Wellington, and throughout the country local groups are taking a strong stand against this Government’s expansion of fossil fuel exploration. Groups are campaigning on issues ranging from sea bed mining to hydraulic fracturing (fracking). For example, on Sunday the 12th Oil Free Otago formed a ready response team of over two hundred people to actively impede offshore drilling and exploration.

Oil Free Wellington is taking staunch action in opposition to the Texan oil giant, Anadarko, which is beginning their seismic surveying operations in the Pegasus Basin this February. One such action is the March to Stop Deep Sea Drilling which is organized for Friday January 24th, and starts at Midland Park at 12:30pm.

Oil Free Wellington organizer Fi Gibson said “it’s great to see such strong opposition to fossil fuel extraction within Aotearoa New Zealand. With the Government refusing to let the public be notified or consulted on fossil fuel exploration it’s brilliant to see people taking action which will force the Government and fossil fuel companies to listen”.

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  1. Ian Apperley, 20. January 2014, 9:46

    Are the idiots going to clean it up or am I paying for that as well… [via Twitter]

  2. CC, 20. January 2014, 13:13

    Ian – Did you moan about having to pay for the Rena clean-up? Some are now waiting for the inevitable complaints if Anadarko stuffs up again. In the meantime it is nice that the ‘idiots’ are giving you some cheap advance warning.

  3. Tony Randle, 21. January 2014, 8:36

    As a ratepayer I am happy to pay for genuine accidents . . . not for deliberate acts of damage.


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