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SEVENS IMAGES: time for costumes and a carnival mood

costumes 1
Twitter photo from JohnKeyPM

They’re coming from everywhere for Sevens weekend in Wellington.

costumes 2

And even before the gates of Westpac Stadium had opened, the streets of the city were filling with happy and noisy costumed fans. These Scots were heading for the Stadium before lunchtime.

costumes 3

These three were stopping for a pause. Refreshments, perhaps.

costumes paintings

The Sevens organisers retweeted this photo from Michelle Duff and said that these three costumes were “amazing.” We agree.

Some of the dressing-up ideas were better than others.

cost a

Some costumes were inventive and entertaining enough to deserve a prize.

cost b

Others looked a bit bedraggled as heavy rain fell during the afternoon.

cost c

The rain seemed to have persuaded these costumed fans to walk in the opposite direction from the Stadium – towards Courtenay Place, perhaps.

costumes 5

Courtenay Place businesses were ready to welcome the Sevens crowds. Courtenay Place will become a pedestrian-only zone from late afternoon tomorrow.