“Too many drunks at the stadium;” 110 people ejected on second night of Sevens

Another 110 people were ejected from the Stadium during the Sevens tonight because they were drunk. Ten people were arrested, the same number as the previous night.

Police said that increased security at the stadium gates and at liquor outlets in the stadium were an improvement on the previous evening. But they are still concerned at the levels of drunkenness inside the stadium, which has an on-licence.

Police will be holding further discussions with the licensee and stadium management to discuss how to significantly reduce the levels of intoxication at future Sevens tournaments

“Too many people were intoxicated at the stadium” said Inspector Spence, the police Operation Commander for the event. “The Wellington Police Alcohol Harm Prevention Unit will be collating the evidence gained during the two days and will decide if further action is required”

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