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  1. Traveller, 11. February 2014, 18:04

    Are our councillors satisfied that officers of the WCC are now acting in the best interests of Wellington, as opposed to the best interests of professional cricket?

  2. Frank Buddingh', 12. February 2014, 0:45

    I think that wording like ‘conflict of interest’ are words of polite understatement.
    The secret wheelings and dealings are nothing short of political corruption.
    Everybody who was involved in the ‘decision making’ process and somehow acted in a compromising manner in order to push this project through in the interest of few and thereby ignoring overwhelmingly excellent and strong arguments of the public at large to look for different solutions should be fired.

  3. Kent Duston, 12. February 2014, 12:40

    This is a shocking state of affairs. On what basis are these public organisations making secret agreements with each other? If they are taking public money for their salaries and their projects, then they have the obligation to be transparent with and accountable to the people who pay them – i.e. us. They have neither the right nor the justification to be doing secret deals, hidden from view, on matters which are of concern to a great many Wellingtonians.

    Given their obvious penchant for back-room deals, Wellington is clearly better off without the ex-CEO Garry Poole and the ex-Councillor John Morrison.

  4. B Smyth, 13. February 2014, 14:30

    I just want to THANK Wellington Scoop for keeping us informed about these important issues. Please keep up the transparency.

  5. P FitzGerald, 14. February 2014, 12:00

    Surely there must be some come-back by WCC against G Poole.

  6. Esjay, 14. February 2014, 19:12

    There is a conflict of interest with WCC and WIAL (airport company) and here we go again. Secrecy reigns supreme – to hell with democracy!

  7. Rufus Sixsmith, 15. February 2014, 10:43

    Garry Poole had no authority to sign the MOU but I assume he had an inkling of how the Councillors would vote and decided to get in first.

    What authority did John Morrison have to sign the MOU on behalf of the Basin Reserve Trust? The Chair of the Trust would have been the normal signatory.

  8. Neil Douglas, 17. February 2014, 21:02

    The cost of the Flyover is $100 million exclusive of the new obscuring new stand at the cricket ground which increases the cost to $112million.

    Given that $1 million could fix the earthquake stickered Museum stand and thus provide the seating capacity required, my primary school maths makes the net cost $111 million. So the BCR must now be less than 1, right?

    And therefore are we not pouring money
    Down the JohnQuay/Brownlee dunny?