More changes at Radio NZ’s Morning Report

News from Radio NZ
More changes are underway at Radio New Zealand. One involves moving Morning Report presenter Simon Mercep to front a new afternoon programme. No decision has been made on who will replace him.

In addition, a new drive time format is being developed which will build on the strengths of Checkpoint and The Panel, which currently airs on Jim Mora’s Afternoons show.

Morning Report is also being strengthened.

The changes have been subject to media speculation in the past few days. Radio New Zealand’s chief executive Paul Thompson said today they are part of a series of changes intended to keep the station’s radio programming strong, while reaching out in new ways to new audiences.

Further details will be made available as final decisions are made.


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  1. Colin Jackson, 12. February 2014, 15:45

    Can’t you just get Jim Mora and Bryan Crump to swap? Would be fantastic to have a good programme in the arvo. Please don’t ruin Checkpoint. [via Twitter]


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