Peak-hour delays for motorway traffic leaving Wellington

Two minor accidents caused major traffic delays in Wellington at peak-hour this afternoon.

A crash on SH2 north of the Ngauranga offramp caused traffic on SH1 to back up as far as Johnsonville.

Traffic also came to a standstill up on the urban motorway as far south as Murphy Street.

The other contributing incident was in the Terrace Tunnel.

Tweets from the Transport Agency gave a minimal idea of a maximum problem.

Due to a earlier crash, traffic on the Urban Motorway is heavily congested. There are queues in the Gorge SH1 for the Ngauranga off-ramp

There has been a breakdown in the Terrace Tunnel, it is currently blocking the northbound right-hand lane. Expect major delays.

Broken down car in the Terrace Tunnel is now clear, both lanes are open. Urban Motorway & inner city roads are heavily congested


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