Unanimous approval for Kapiti Expressway; Kerry Prendergast says thank you

Press Release – Environmental Protection Authority
The Board of Inquiry has today released its Final Report and Decision on the Peka Peka to North Ōtaki Expressway Proposal. The Board’s unanimous decision is to confirm the Notices of Requirement and grant the 49 Resource Consents on the conditions provided.

A joint application was made to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) by the NZ Transport Agency and KiwiRail Holdings Ltd for this section of the Wellington Northern Corridor.

As a proposal of national significance the application was directed to an independent Board of Inquiry by the Minister for the Environment, Amy Adams.

The EPA’s Chair Ms Kerry Prendergast says the ability of parties to reach agreements greatly assisted the Board in its consideration of, and decision on the Project. Ms Prendergast thanked the Chair of the Board, the Hon Sir Hugh Williams, QC and the other Board members – Mark Apeldoorn, Jeffrey Jones, Professor Roger Maaka and Pamela Peters for their work with this proposal.

The decision followed the Board’s consideration of the application, submissions, evidence and a two week hearing, and was made within the nine month timeframe for a proposal of national significance.

The final report and decision has been sent to all the parties involved in the application. It is also available on the EPA website here:

Peka Peka to North Ōtaki Expressway Final Report and Decision

This proposal was directed to an independent board of inquiry in April 2013.

The Peka Peka to North Ōtaki Board of Inquiry is chaired by the retired High Court Judge, the Honourable Sir Hugh Williams. The other four members are Pamela Peters, Mark Apeldoorn, Professor Roger Maaka and Jeffrey Jones.

The Board makes its decisions independently of the EPA and of Ministers. Its decision can be appealed to the High Court on points of law only, and it cannot be overturned by Ministers.

You can read more about this proposal and the process followed on the EPA website here:

Peka Peka to North Ōtaki Expressway Proposal

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  1. BD, 14. February 2014, 16:33

    We want electric trains to Otaki. Not more cars into Wellington!

  2. Elaine Hampton, 14. February 2014, 16:46

    A thank you from the chair of the EPA, to the Board of Inquiry. Really sounds like a conflict to me. A chair of the EPA should be neutral and at least far more circumspect. The parties didn’t reach agreement, the population doesn’t want it and a definition of ‘roads of National significance’ is yet to be defined.


  3. Maximus, 15. February 2014, 5:51

    Sort of portends what type of headline we are going to get about the Flyover really, despite all the huffing and puffing from the Board of Enquiry. They are pretending to be looking into the Basin Bridge with no preconceived outcome – but the whole thing will no doubt be a whitewash in the end.

  4. JC, 15. February 2014, 9:44

    Elaine – really? Can you explain to the rest of us idiots where the conflict is in that statement?

  5. Elaine, 17. February 2014, 14:48

    Chair of the EPA
    Board independent of ministers and EPA
    Result – just what the minister asked for
    If the cap fits wear it

  6. Traveller, 17. February 2014, 21:00

    Would she have said ‘thankyou’ if they had rejected the expressway?


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