32 Wellington packaging jobs being moved to Auckland

News from EPMU
Charta Packaging today announced it will cut 32 jobs from its Wellington manufacturing base.

In a meeting today with workers and the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union, it said the work is being transferred to a new business unit in Auckland.

“For our Wellington members it’s a real blow, especially as the company is profitable and the work is there,” says Mark James, EPMU organiser. “There will be opportunities for some people to transfer to Auckland, but that’s not going to be an option for everyone.”

“The only good news is that the work is staying in New Zealand for the time being.”

The Kiwi manufacturing sector has been in crisis over the past five years, with tens of thousands of jobs lost due to the high exchange rate and lack of support from central government.

“We need a serious plan to build up manufacturing and support high-skilled, well-paid jobs for Kiwi manufacturers,” says Mark. “Government politicians talk about creating jobs and supporting industry, but right here in the capital we’ve got people losing their jobs.”

Union members at Charta are entitled to redundancy pay under their collective employment agreement.


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  1. Grant Robertson, 14. February 2014, 16:11

    Sad to see more jobs go in the Wgtn region [via Twitter]


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