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Postal workers say NZ Post must stop delaying standard mail

News from Postal Workers Union
New Zealand Post has been called on by the Postal Workers Union to immediately reverse its policy of deliberately holding back standard mail which has been processed and ready for delivery. As it releases its six monthly report and explains that the company is reducing expenditure, New Zealand Post’s mail “hold over” policy is not saving money but is providing further incentives for mail senders to switch to alternative means of communication including a private mail delivery company.

Although New Zealand Post is trying to ensure fastpost mail arrives at its destination before standard mail and then require mail senders to pay more for the fastpost service, the company is also regularly failing its own fastpost “target” of next day delivery. The company appears to have given an internal instruction that complaints about fastpost being delayed and then taking two days to be delivered are not be to recorded as complaints.

And six weeks after beginning to collect its own statistics on significant amounts of standard mail being delivered outside New Zealand Post’s own delivery promise, the union is not aware that any corrective action has been taken by the company in that time.

The “hold over” of mail and the lack of concern by New Zealand Post of serious failures in its own delivery standards are of serious and increasing concern to members of the Postal Workers Union where a culture of providing an important community and social service remains strong.

John Maynard
Southern District
Postal Workers Union of Aotearoa

Graeme Clarke
Postal Workers Union of Aotearoa

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  1. Maximus, 24. February 2014, 22:05

    It is as if they are determined to write their own Death Notice, and then mail it back to themselves (delayed, of course). It is sad to see a once mighty and efficient and sensible public service like NZ Post slowly tear itself apart through incompetence and stupidity. They may try and blame it all on the Internet but actions like this play right into their competitor’s arms. Farewell postings, job well done, you can go now. Shut the door behind you.