Roads closed in Newtown for annual Festival Fair Day

Roads will be closed on Sunday in Newtown for the annual Festival Fair Day. These changes will apply from 6am – 8pm.

As well as hundreds of stalls, there’s free entertainment on seven stages – from 10am.

Road closures AND no parking

Rintoul Street from Riddiford St to Colombo St = No Buses on Rintoul St
Riddiford Street from Mein to just after Donald MacLean St
Emmett Street All
Green Street All
Wilson Street mid point to Riddiford St Closed including the off-street public carpark. For pack-down Wilson is CLOSED till 10.30pm
Constable Street from Daniell St to Riddiford St
Newtown Avenue mid point to Riddiford St
Normanby Street mid point to Riddiford St
Donald McLean Street from Fergusson St to Riddiford St
Colombo Street in front of the Community Centre

One-way streets

Daniell Street – ONE WAY NORTH from Constable St to Mein St
Owen Street – ONE WAY SOUTH from Mein St to Constable St

No parking

Rintoul Street south of the Community Centre to number 25 east side only
Riddiford Street from Donald MacLean St to Rhodes Street east side only
Colombo Street from the Community Centre to number 20 north side only = the ‘narrows’
Mein Street Riddiford St to Daniell St both sides and from Daniell St to Owen St north side only
Hall Street Riddiford St to Adelaide Rd south side only
Daniell Street at Constable St and also at Mein St west side only
Owen Street at Mein St and also at Constable St east side only

We are very sorry but vehicles parked in “no parking” areas will be ticketed & towed away with the costs charged to the owner !

Bus diversions

The Island Bay bus will run in Adelaide Rd = Route 4
The Rintoul St and Luxford St bus route is CLOSED


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