Armed police called to Titahi Bay after man seen with fake gun

News from NZ Police
Armed Police were sent to an incident in Titahi Bay this afternoon when a man was seen in two locations carrying a handgun.

A first sighting was received just prior to 2pm where the man was reported to be sitting at the main entrance to Titahi Bay beach holding what was believed to be a handgun.

Police were quickly on scene however he had already moved from the area and could not be located. About 20 minutes later a further call was received advising that the same person had entered a local pub and a handgun had again been seen.

Police cordoned the immediate area and began evacuating patrons from the premises. The suspect came out of his own accord shortly after and was taken into custody without incident.

It has been confirmed that the firearm he had was a BB gun. Prior to leaving the pub he had allegedly fired a couple of pellets inside. However there is no indication that he had threatened or presented the gun at anyone at any stage.

This is a prime example of an unnecessary circumstance where someone with a fake but highly authentic looking gun has created a situation which has required an armed Police response.

Had this person not cooperated with Police instructions but instead presented that gun in any manner towards them or other persons the response may have been drastically different, and the outcome potentially tragic.


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