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Basin flyover inquiry gets three extra months to make its decision

News from NZ Government
The Board of Inquiry appointed to decide on the New Zealand Transport Agency’s proposal to build a flyover alongside the Basin Reserve has been given a three-month extension to issue its final report and decision.

The Board requested a time extension to ensure that the decision-making process would provide a full and fair hearing.

Environment Minister Amy Adams says it is disappointing the Board is not able to meet the original expectations set out for the inquiry, but she recognised there are particular circumstances that need to be taken into account.

“The Board’s request for a time extension cited the substantial volume of material, a large number of distinctive issues and the length of time necessary to allow for cross-examination of witnesses as extraordinary circumstances in support of its request.

“Based on previous proposals decided by a Board of Inquiry, an extension of this length is an exception rather than the norm.

“The Board has been asked to make necessary provisions to ensure that the final decision will be made by the new date.”

In granting the extension of time, Ms Adams has taken into account the fact that the Board’s application was supported by the applicant.

The final decision on the Basin Bridge proposal is now due on Saturday 30 August.

For updated information on the Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry go to: www.epa.govt.nz/Resource-management/Basin_Bridge.


  1. Ellie, 17. March 2014, 21:07

    Why is the extension supported by the applicant??

  2. Observer, 18. March 2014, 8:18

    It’s been suggested that the applicant supports the extension because it isn’t keeping up…..and is probably thinking there would be a higher risk to rush the Board into a decision ..