Cycleways and car parking – Newtown residents discuss cycle lanes

News from Cycle Aware
The Newtown Residents’ Association met tonight to discuss options for a new cycling lanes from Island Bay to the CBD.

With new cycle lanes expected in Newtown next year, residents want to know how car parking will be affected.

Paul Barker from the city council, Patrick Morgan from Cycle Aware Wellington, and Martin Hanley from Red Design Ltd outlined cycle route options.

Mr Barker said that cycle lanes aim to make cycling safer and more convenient. Mr Hanley said Red Design’s proposed cycling routes had little or no impact on car parking.

Hansen St residents said that their street is often clogged by hospital and university commuters who come there for free parking.

Berhampore retailers said their businesses depended on convenient parking for customers.

Mr Morgan said that new census figures showed that cycling had grown by 73% since 2006. “Clearly there’s huge demand for cycle lanes in Wellington, with benefits for both retailers and residents.”

The City Council launches a period of consultation in April.


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