Police search for missing Wellington couple after call saying “we’re lost”

Palmerston North police were today responsible for the year’s strangest missing persons report. They sent out a message asking for help to find a missing couple, after the couple had phoned to say they’d run out of petrol and didn’t know where they were. Here’s the police account:

Palmerston North Search and Rescue are looking for two missing persons. They are travelling in a white Nissan Pulsar hatchback, registration number WX6833. They are believed to be in the Horowhenua/Manawatu/Rangitikei area. They have become disorientated whilst driving at night and have taken a wrong turn and got themselves lost and the car has run out of petrol.

The missing persons are Craig Nichols, 35 years old and Louise Owen, 30.

They state that they left Wellington and travelled for approximately an hour and a half and eventually ran out of petrol.

They have given a description of the area where they are lost.

They have turned from a main road, driven past a quarry and into a forest area. They can see houses from where they are. They can see a large “aerial” on the hill near where they are. They believe that are near a Maori reserve and believe they can see effluent ponds from where they are.

If you live in an area that fits these descriptions given by the missing party can you please have a look in your area for the missing vehicle or missing persons.

If you have seen the vehicle or the missing persons please contact Palmerston North Police 06 3513600. Any information to be directed to Constable Garry Bedford, Palmerston North Search and Rescue, please.

5.32 update
Palmerston North Police have found the two missing persons in the Manawatu Area.

It appears that they were driving from Palmerston North to Wellington and have taken a wrong turn off SH57. They have ended up driving along Mangahao Road in the Tararua Ranges.

At some stage they have run out of petrol and due to poor cellphone coverage they have had limited communication to police.

After spending the night in their car, they started walking out towards Mangaore village and were picked up by a passing motorist about 3pm this afternoon. Once in Mangaore they spoke to police staff from the Palmerston North Search and Rescue team who were looking for the couple.

The two have been taken to Palmerston North hospital for a check-up as a precaution.

Police will be speaking to the couple to see how they became so lost.


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