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Work starting this year to complete better cycle lanes in Island Bay

News from WCC
Consultation is to begin next week with the aim of substantially completing better cycle lanes on The Parade in Island Bay by the end of the year.

Existing lanes are too narrow in some places, do not continue through intersections (rather, they stop and start at each one), and don’t provide well for bus stops.

There is enough space along The Parade between Shorland Park and Wakefield Park to create better, continuous cycle lanes on both sides of the road. There are two ways to do this:

Option 1: Cycle lanes between parking and the footpath
Option 2: Cycle lanes between parking and the moving traffic

Consultation will involve the ‘inside parking’ and ‘outside parking’ cycle lane options for The Parade. It will include: talking with local residents, businesses, cyclists and other road users about the pros and cons of the options, and an open day.

We have been in touch with property owners on the intersections along The Parade about the specific changes required there. Feedback from them is helping to shape the options that we will consult on, starting on Tuesday 8 April.

The an open day will be on Saturday 12 April at the Wellington South Baptist Church. 10am-2pm

To improve cycling between Wakefield Park in Island Bay and through Berhampore to John Street in Newtown, we have a choice of many different combinations of:

route options
techniques to improve the safety and convenience of cycling
ways to mitigate some of the tradeoffs with other uses of the limited space in this area.

The Council has no preference for any particular combination of options.

Finding the best option for sharing the limited space in this area will require lots of information, some creative thinking and compromise. The Council will be using a panel of Wellingtonians to help identify the most promising compromise options from amongst all the possibilities.

To help identify the full spectrum of possible options for this section of the route, we are researching how people cycle in the southern suburbs and into town – and how they would do so if it were safer. We are also talking to groups who have ideas about this section, such as Cycle Aware Wellington, the Newtown Residents Association, and Red Design.

In autumn this year, to help Councillors come up with a smaller number of options to seek public feedback on, we plan to set up a panel of about 20 people who would spend five to six weeks considering all the possibilities and their implications in detail. The panel will be made up of a combination of residents from the area and residents from the wider city. Its membership will reflect:

the kinds of people who might be affected by different route options
the wider implications of cycling for the city.

The panel’s role will be to gather a wide range of in-depth information through:
visiting routes, to work with Council staff and local Councillors, to hear perspectives from all kinds of people keen to express a view, to identify the most promising compromise options from amongst all the possibilities, and to make an objective recommendation to the Council about which options should be taken to full public consultation.

The panel won’t have the final say on which options go out for public consultation, but its recommendation will be taken into account when this decision is made by Councillors.

Having taken the panel’s recommendation into account, the Council will open public consultation on options for improving cycling along the Berhampore to Newtown corridor. There will be detailed information available on the pros and cons of each option.

At this stage, we expect public consultation on the Wakefield Park to John Street section to happen in August.

Making decisions

On 20 May, feedback will be reported to the Council’s Transport and Urban Development Committee. On that day, the Committee is expected to confirm the preferred option for cycle lanes between Shorland Park and Wakefield Park. Detailed design will then be completed and a contractor sought to make the changes. There will be consultation with local residents and business owners, and work should start on site later this year. This work will overlap with the process for identifying the best options for the Wakefield Park to John Street section.

After public consultation on the Wakefield Park to John Street section in August, Councillors will consider the submissions and decide what will be done to improve cycling along the route. Detailed designs will then be drawn up and contractors selected to make the changes.