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Is too much detail dangerous? Plans released for royal walk in Civic Square


Government House has released these details of the last day of the royal visit to Wellington on 16 April. Included is a drive through Willis Street and a walk with the mayor through Civic Square.

But in London, the Daily Mirror quotes a former head of Royal Protection for the Met as describing the information as a “manual” for terrorists, “nutters” and “fixated people” hoping to harm them.

According to the tabloid newspaper, Dai Davies said: “I’m appalled at the idiocy of any idiot who would publish this far in advance both route and location.

“It is seriously worrying and I’m frankly amazed that anyone is doing it. I’ve never known anything like it in 20 years.”

The New Zealand Herald this morning quotes the royal visits office media manager, Allen Walley, as saying the announcements are the result of months of planning and did not breach any regulations.

“There is no problem with it, all of this was planned well in advance, it was signalled to Kensington Palace and it was cleared with New Zealand police. Sending out the routes and public meeting places and so forth has been the norm with every royal visit to New Zealand for the last 30 years.”